2006 Wattle Creek Triple Play

Wattle Creek's Triple Play is a versatile, well-priced red blend that's really a Syrah with some uniqe characteristics that make it an 'all night' kind of wine. It has just a touch of sweetness on the mouth that makes it easy to open a bottle pre-dinner while cooking or enjoying an appetizer. The finish is very Syrah which makes it a great pairing with steak, pasta, or even a hot & sweet dish like chili or Italian sausage. Triple Play is very smooth without a lot of heavy tannins, so you'll be able to continue enjoying it over dessert if you have any left!
Last night, Sally and I enjoyed a bottle of Triple Play with an Italian sausage and chicken pasta dish. We each had a dish of ice cream for dessert and the wine still tasted terrific.
The "Triple" refers to the three grapes that are blended to make this wine: Syrah (the primary grape) plus a touch of Petite Syrah and a little Viognier. Viognier is a white grape known for its sweetness, so it is a little unusual to find it in a red blend, but Wattle Creek works their magic and makes it work. Really, really well.
The price point is around $25 and this is a great bottle to get from your local liquor store (BevMo carries it) or from Wattle Creek directly. Just save some for us!

Posted on January 25, 2010 and filed under Wine Discoveries.