Discover New Wine with Old Adventures

San Francisco is one of our favorite cities and we find a way every year to escape up north for the weekend.  With each trip we aim to mix in new adventures with our old favorites ~ whether it is where we stay, choose to dine, or a local activity.   

Our new adventures this trip included a first time stay at the historic Palace Hotel, couple new deli spots for lunch, visit to Coit Tower, and a movie tour.  For our old favorites we hit the Wattle Creek tasting room in Ghirardelli Square, caught a play at A.C.T., and enjoyed dinner at Scala’s Bistro

A few years ago while tasting at Wattle Creek, we fell in love with their Malbec.  When we asked about purchasing, yep, the wine was only available for wine club members.  We took the bait on their crack dealer model, and joined to get the wine.  It was only appropriate to pick up a bottle this trip to enjoy with our dinner at Scala’s. 

At first introduction, our server noticed we had our own bottle of wine.  When she discovered it was a Malbec she was very surprised.  Turns out our server is from Argentina, and with good reason, loves Malbec.  She was not aware of a local winery that made one.  As it is a favorite varietal of ours, we took the opportunity to ask her for recommendations.  She rattled off a number of wines and we struggled to keep up with the names.  She was quick to pick up on it, as when she returned, she had made a list! 

It was fun seeing her enthusiasm in discovering a local Malbec.  And now, the hunt begins to discover one of her favorites:  Filus Reserve, Filus, Tierra, Nieto, El Ombu or El Arbol, and San Telmo. 

You just never know when or where you may discover a wine, or create a discovery for someone else!

Posted on September 27, 2011 and filed under Wine Discoveries.