Pinot Noir – A Favorite Fall Wine

Roasted meats, root vegetables, apples, ginger, and cloves are a few of my fall favorites.  And, it just so happens that one of my favorite wines pairs quite well with all of these ~ Pinot Noir.  With the fall weather officially here, thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

Cycles Gladiator ($12)

As with most California pinots, this one is a delicate, fruiter wine, with not a lot of earthy tones. It has aromas of red fruit with a hint of spice, finishing with a little splash of vanilla.

Chalone Monterey County ($18)

Aromas of ripe black cherries with a hint of tobacco, red fruit and a hint of spice on the palate.  This wine is excellent with earthy foods – especially mushrooms.

Erath Oregon ($19)

Silky smooth, with flavors of red plum, cranberry, and sage.  One of my favorite screw cap wines!

Sean Minor Carneros ($22)

Fruitier pinot, with not a lot of earthiness to it.  Tastes of cherry and plum that are well balanced with a light spice silky vanilla finish. 

Cuvaison Carneros ($35)

No secret we are big fans of all things Cuvaison, especially this Pinot.  Cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, with hints of spice. I can drink this one ingredients to well, not quite dessert (bottle never lasts that long).

Sokol Blosser Dundee Hills ($45)

More typical profile of an Oregon pinot. Flavors and aromas of truffle, mushroom, leather, cherry, berry, violet, and spice.  A real treat.

Cycles Gladiator, Chalone and Erath are well distributed.  Sean Minor, Cuvasion, and Sokol Blosser may be available in specialty wine shops, and you can always order direct!

What are some of your fall favorites?

Posted on October 12, 2012 .