Call Me a Cab! Share A Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on May 19

One of our favorite ways to share a bottle is with theme wine tasting parties ~ more formal sit down meals (dinner party, Pinot-palooza) and less formal gatherings (Hallowine, Oscars).  It’s a fun way to open a few bottles, and taste with friends. This Saturday, May 19, why not give it a try and join us with Call Me A Cab!  

The Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, or course)~

When planning what wine to drink for the evening, consider the following ideas:

  • Include wines from your own inventory
  • Invite friends to bring a selection for the group
  • Do a combination - you provide the wine for the evening, and have all guests bring a bottle as well.  When everyone leaves, grab a different bottle than you brought and enjoy another night!
  • Taste a vertical (different vintages of the same wine type)
  • Taste a horizontal (same vintage different wineries)
  • Select all from the same region or country
  • Select a price point (like cabs under $25)

However you select the wine, we recommend doing a blind tasting.  It really forces impartial judgment of the wine by removing preconceived expectations of how a wine will taste because of cost, geography, origin or producer.  You may be surprised on what wine turns out to be the favorite!  There are a number of ways you can make the tasting blind – serve in carafes (just remember to mark someway so you remember which is which!), place bottles in bags, or simply cover the label with a dark piece of paper. 

The Food ~

Dinner parties can be as formal (or informal) as you like.  Whether it is a sit down meal, or a casual gathering with cheese and small bites, the key is to select items that will pair well with the wine.  We are by no means pairing pros, and rely on our favorite resource What to Drink with What You Eat.  When tasting the wine, try it with and without food.  It is really interesting to see how the flavors of the wine are impacted, and may even alter which wine is the favorite among the group. 

Not up for a dinner party?  If local laws allow for it, meet friends at a restaurant and bring the wine with you (Let’s Taste Two!).  Taste wines side by side while enjoying a nice cab friendly meal…and drink wisely ~ you literally may need to call a cab!  

This weekend, let’s all share some cab!  Check for a post next week to find out which cabs we shared and the favorite among friends.  We look forward to hearing the same from you!

Posted on May 15, 2012 and filed under Tasting Experiences.