Decimus Pinot Noir – “What You Drink Does Matter”

It’s not often you find a wine that tastes good, and helps a good cause.  A few years ago we received a couple bottles of Decimus wine from my brother, Greg and his wife, Jennifer.  The Chardonnay didn’t stick around for long, but we just recently popped open the 2010 Pinot Noir.  Delicious!

Sourced from grapes in Los Carneros, produced and bottled by Reynolds Family Winery in Napa, this Pinot Noir is a tasty food wine.  It is well balanced, with cranberry and raspberry on the nose.  The flavors continue in taste, with a touch of oak on the finish. 

You’ve heard of turning water in to wine.  Well, Decimus turns wine into water.  They donate 10% of revenue to provide clean drinking water to areas in need, worldwide.  They have partnered with Living Water International, which implements community-based water solutions in developing countries. 

Decimus produces limited quantities, and distributes over half to restaurants.  Look for it on a wine list near you, or purchase directly online.  The Pinot Noir retails for $50. 

Another great wine supporting a great cause is Ehlers, which donates a portion of their proceeds to international cardiovascular research.

Know of other wines which donate proceeds to a cause? 

Posted on January 31, 2014 and filed under Wine Discoveries.