Wine Maker Dinner: Niner Wine Estates

One of our favorite ways to explore and share new wine is at special tastings.  On this occasion, our favorite local spot, Antica Trattoria, was hosting a wine maker dinner with Niner Wine Estates.  We first discovered Niner on our first trip to Paso Robles in 2011.  We have enjoyed a number of their wines, and love everything Chef puts together at Antica, so sounded like a perfect event for... Girl's Night Out!  

First Course - favorite wine of the night

the food: Duck Mousse Crostini (seasonal jams + figs + roasted pistachios)

the wine: 2014 Albarino, Edna Valley 

the notes: crisp, with light citrus and lemon finish. Very refreshing, good on own, and better with food (especially salty)

Second Course 

the food: Calamarata Pasta (dungeness crab + sea urchin + leeks)

the wine: 2013 Grenache Rose, Paso Robles

the notes: flavors of bright strawberry throughout, with a dry finish. 

Third Course - favorite pairing of the night

the food: Veal Loin (roasted fennel + aujus)

the wine: 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

the notes: caramel and dark berries on nose and at first sip, gave way to darker fruits and a little touch of smoke on the finish, medium tannins

Dessert - favorite dish of the night

the food: Chocolate Budino (wine broule + almond crema + crumble amaretto)

the wine: 2011 Port, Dolce Nove, Paso Robles

the notes: tawny style port, with a little sweetness

Posted on July 2, 2015 .