2010 Wine Country Scavenger Hunt

For our 2009 Napa trip, we had a 'theme', a first for us for any trip. All the wineries we selected to visit were part of the Judgement in Paris...for our movie friends, it's what Bottle Shock was 'loosely' based on. We enjoyed having a 'theme' so much, we decided to do it again for our 2010 trip and created a "Wine Country Scavenger Hunt". A few friends have asked us what was on our list, and how we fulfilled it. So... here it is!

1. Visit a winery of a favorite tasted at a wine bar ~ Robert Biale "Black Chicken" Zin - tasted at Silo's, thanks Keith!
2. Recommendation from a local establishment (in Del Cerro) ~ Gloria Ferrer - K&B Wine Bar
3. Recommendation from a family member ~ Plumpjack & Brix - Greg & Jennifer Coleman
4. Recommendation from a friend ~ Redd - Brian Mayer (yummy pick!); Benzinger - Lenore
5. A "Delux" experience ~ Jarvis winery tour; Cade tasting
6. Previous visit favorite ~ Mustard's Grill, Sweetie Pies, Restaurante Allegria, Cuvaison
7. Purchase only visit ~ Plumpjack
8. A traditional stop (winery or non-winery) ~ In N Out; Oakville Grocery
9. Taste a cab franc or petite verdot ~Petite Verdot - Jarvis; Cab Franc - Artesa
10. Experience a unique tour ~ Jarvis
11. Enjoy a free tasting ~ had more than we expected here: Cosentino, Jessup, Folie A Deux, Cuvaison, Artesa, Valley of the Moon, Benzinger, Robert Biale
12. Experience a tasting other than wine ~ Variety of vinagers and mustards - Folie A Deux; Cheese tastings - Sonoma Cheese Factory
13. Capture photo for kitchen ~ Purchased Sweetie Pies print at Napa General Store
14. Find a cool new lunch spot ~ Sage in Sonoma - so delicious!
15. Experience a fun evening activity, other than dining ~ Silo's Jazz Bar

For details on all of our 'findings' check out Jeff's previous blogs for all three days in Napa.

Posted on February 27, 2010 and filed under Adventures.