Clos du Val Reserve Pinot Noir

We notice the effect that food has on Pinot Noir perhaps more than any other wine. It is delicate, but it can still be complicated enough to reveal nuances of flavor when paired with different dishes. (In other words, it's fun, it's tasty, and it goes well with good chow!)

Sally and I shared a bottle of 2005 Clos du Val Reserve Pinot Noir at the Prado last Sunday night. The Prado is one of our favorite restaurants and it features a very 'pinot-friendly' menu. Sally had their outstanding beef short ribs while I enjoyed their Colorado rack of lamb. Both were very, very delicious. Both also went very well with the wine.

We could taste a lot of fruit when we sipped the Clos du Val, followed by a hint of spiciness, and a fairly subtle version of Pinot Noir's trademark earthiness on the finish. (Note to self: "earthy" sounds way better than "hints of leather", which is how it's described on Clos du Val's website.)

The wine was very good, though it doesn't rank among our favorites. We prefer a little more balance and rich flavors, especially for a wine like this that's a little higher on the price scale ($50 for the current release).

Posted on June 2, 2010 and filed under Wine Discoveries.