Two Favorites


Tonight, we did something we've wanted to do for some time ~ have wine with an In-N-Out burger. It totally worked. Then again, when will In-N-Out or wine not work?
We made a pick from our 'random bottles' selection ~ D'Arenberg The Stump Jump, 2008 blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre. The wine is from South Australia, and is quite unique, and went well with our burgers! The burgers took top bill (as always), but the wine held it's own. Very drinkable ~ a little fruity, a little spicy, and light on tannins. At a price point of about $10, it's a great mid-week wine.
The grapes used for this Stump Jump are primarily from very old vine Grenache (42%), Shiraz (36%), and Mourvedre (22%) vines, fermented in traditional open tanks, and pressed in new oak barrells for 18 months prior to bottling.

A few weeks ago, the San Diego Wine Company had a bottle of The Stump Jump Shiraz. We chose to skip it at the time as we had not tasted this bottle. At a price of $8.99, I'd give it a go. I haven't found another bottle of the red blend, but will keep my eye out for it, and would enjoy with another In-N-Out double-double!


Posted on September 21, 2010 and filed under Under $20, Wine Discoveries.