A great Sangiovese for pizza and game night

Friends and family frequently ask to go wine tasting when they visit us at our home in San Diego.There are wineries scattered throughout San Diego County and nearby Temecula, but we find this wine region, well, hit or miss. Every now and then we stumble across one that surprises us.

One great surprise is Robert Renzoni Vineyards in Temecula.They have produced a couple of wines that have put smiles on our faces.

We recently opened a bottle of their 2007 Sangiovese to enjoy with pizza while hanging out with friends on game night.

The Sangiovese grape matures best at elevations less than 1,500 feet, and thrives in hot, dry climates. Temecula is an excellent region for this grape because it sits at an elevation of about 1,200 feet, average annual temperature is near 80 degrees and annual rainfall is about 13 inches. Growing the grape is one element. Turning it in to a tasty treat is another, and this winemaker gets it right.

The '07 Sangiovese is a medium body red, with a good balance of fruit and spice. The sweetness up front and slight bite on the finish makes it a great match with tomato based pastas and of course, pizza. With a price point of $28, it's not an every day wine, but you don't need to save it for a special occasion. I am glad we have a couple of bottles of the ’08 sitting on the shelves ~ next time,we will have to try it with mom’s famous lasagna.

If visiting the area, check out theRobert Renzoni website for a 2 for 1 tasting coupon.  And, while enjoying a sip of their wine in the tasting room, don’t miss a bite of their delicious pasta sauce ~ it’s just as tasty as their wine!

Posted on May 12, 2011 and filed under Wine Discoveries.