A little adventure thanks to pizza and wine

It's always fun to turn the pursuit of wine into an adventure. This one stars some great wine, our favorite pizza, and a piece of furniture we had been searching for since January.

Our friends at San Pasqual Winery recently shared via Twitter that their Monte Soledad Spanish blend would be a perfect pairing with pizza. We're huge fans of pizza and wine, so we decided to pick up a bottle for our next pizza night. (See our posts on Robert Renzoni Sangiovese and pizza or Consentino Sangiovese and pizza for more pizza and wine pairings.)

Last Friday, we both got a craving for pizza so we stopped by San Pasqual's tasting room in La Mesa to buy a bottle of their 2003 Monte Soledad. At $12.50 per bottle, this wine is a steal! It's a blend of Tempranillo, Granacha, Barbera, and Cabernet Sauvignon that tastes a lot like dark fruit and, well, pizza. 

Wine in hand, we were strolling back to our car when a furniture stored called Mostly Mission caught our eye. We had been looking for a small table to put in our entry way and they had some promising pieces displayed in their window. The store's name reveals their primary focus, but they also sell some very unique items too.

One that jumped out at us was a bistro table made from an old wine barrel. The look and dimensions were perfect for an odd-shaped space in our entry way. We had been searching for a table like this since last January when we moved out an old piece of furniture. Our search was finally over!

Later that night, we opened the Monte Soledad and thoroughly enjoyed it with a Round Table King Arthur Supreme. The dark grapes blended perfectly with the pizza's meaty, salty flavors to create an incredible pairing. Both soon disappeared, but not before we raised a glass to finding our new entry way table!

Posted on September 4, 2011 and filed under Adventures, Under $20, Wine Discoveries.