2005 Rombauer Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon

Last Spring, we had a wonderful tasting experience at Rombauer Vineyards (see "Chatting it up in the tasting room"). We ended up buying a few bottles, including a 2005 Rombauer Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon.

This was definitely a special occasion wine, so we decided to bring it to dinner when we celebrated our wedding anniversary at Fleming's in San Diego. And, like a nice steak dinner, this wine was all straightforward excellence. The nose smelled like currant and cedar, which gave way to cherry on the a mild tartness on the palate with a smooth finish with light tannins. It paired wonderfully with our butternut squash soup, steak, and potatoes. It was also good enough to continue enjoying in lieu of dessert.

We all need a few special occasion bottles in our collection. For us, we prefer special occasion bottles that have a story behind them, so we might remember it when we finally get to enjoy the wine. Opening this bottle reminded us of our last trip to Napa (3 Days in Napa at our Top 10 Wineries). 

Enjoying a special occasion wine at Fleming's

Posted on November 7, 2012 and filed under Wine Discoveries.