Not in to green beer? Celebrate with Wine from an Irish American Winery

I just can’t get in to green beer, especially when paired with foods unnaturally converted green to “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day. Fortunately, there are other options to choose ~ Irish whiskey, and even wine!  Toast our Irish friends by raising a glass with one of these favorite wines from Irish American vineyards/wine producers.  Slainte!

Mayacamas Vineyards – Travers Family

Mayacamas is currently owned by the Travers family, which they purchased in 1968.  Their ’71 Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon was selected for the “Judgement of Paris” tasting.  They also produce an excellent  Chardonnay.  It is crisp, light & fruity, and balances really well with food.  My personal favorite is their ripe and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. 

Chateau Montelena Winery – Barrett Family

Jim Barrett restored most of the original vineyards and completely refurbished the winery after he purchased in 1972.  This winery also competed in the famous ’76 Paris Tasting, and took home the win for their ’73 Chardonnay.  When we visited the winery, we unfortunately were not able to taste the Chardonnay due to limited supply.  We really enjoy the Riesling, which is an off dry, refreshing wine that has great balance with a long clean finish ~ very refreshing. 

Posted on March 17, 2012 and filed under Wine Discoveries.