This is Eleven "Unplugged" by Andrew Murray

Fans of the cult movie, “This is Spinal Tap” will appreciate this wine for the title alone.  We discovered E11EVEN wines while visiting Andrew Murray earlier this year (Santa Ynez Valley Wine Adventure).  When we first arrived, I have to admit I was a little disappointed they were no longer producing the Days Off series (read about some favorites, Days Off and First Kiss)…that was until I tasted the “This Is E11EVEN” series. 

Unlike the wines traditionally made by Andrew Murray, the Eleven Series are not Rhone wines.  In fact, they stretch the imagination and blend some grapes that may not traditionally be blended together.  The result ~ fun, tasty, affordable wines.

We tried two, the 2010 Eleven Red, and 2010 Eleven “Unplugged”.  They are both quite good, but “Unplugged” scored a smiley face and a purchase!  The tasting notes describe it so well, “Think of this blend as un-amplified trio of acoustic guitars, each played by a legendary icon…each variety stands out a bit, but there is also a tremendous harmony here.  The lead-solo is the Chenin Blanc…smooth and haunting…braced up by Sauvignon Blanc…bracing and racy, trying to steal the show…all kept in tune and in time and balanced with the oldest player… Chardonnay.” 

The wine has a crisp, fresh citrus taste, with a slight butter finish. Incredibly refreshing all on it’s own.  It also paired perfectly with grilled chicken and vegetables while enjoying a summer night on the patio.

This new brand for Andrew Murray is all about over delivering on quality to price ratio. Priced at under $20, they certainly achieved this goal.  It's also a screw cap, which you know I love.  Nigel would agree, this wine goes to 11!

Check out this fun video on The Eleven Series

Posted on July 12, 2012 and filed under Under $20, Wine Discoveries.