2008 Epicuro Primitivo Di Manduria

While dining in Dublin, we frequently found ourselves staring at restaurant wine lists where we knew well, hardly anything.  By relying on our own strategies we discovered some fun new wines (check out Cotes Du Rhone and Terra Alta).  One night we were challenged with selecting from a list of Italian wines, and went with strategy #3: Tell Your Server What You Like.  We know Primitivo is genetically extremely similar to zinfandel, and we are big fans of zin.  So, we asked our server for a recommendation. 

She brought us a 2008 Epicuro Primitivo Di Manduria.  The price was quite affordable.  It was an easy drinker, fruit forward with flavors of bright cherry and plum, with notes of vanilla.  There is not a lot of spice and no tannins.  It was a pleasant wine that went well with our meat and cheese plate.    

Rumor has it you can find this wine at Trader Joe’s for under $10.  It’s a good, guilt free, mid-week wine, or an excellent ‘third bottle’!

Posted on September 23, 2012 and filed under Under $20, Wine Discoveries.