Best Thanksgiving Wines

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time with family and friends, and an excellent time to share a bottle… or three.  With such a cornucopia of treats served during a traditional feast, it can be challenging to select one wine that pairs well from ingredients to dessert.  So, why not select three – a white, red, and sparkling! 

Selecting a variety of wines will aid in pairing with the several components of a traditional turkey dinner, as well as cater to a variety of guests’ palates.

When selecting a white wine, pick one that is refreshing and slightly fruity.  You want one that will compliment from turkey to pie.  The trick with reds is to select one that is not too tart or high in tannins – a solid, neutral food wine is best.  One of the most forgotten about wines for a Thanksgiving feast is sparkling wines.  The tip with these wines is to choose brut. Dry sparkling wines pair nicely with turkey and all that comes with it. Sparkling Shiraz is also highly recommended.  

Having the gang all over to your house and not sure what to serve?  Joining another feast and not sure what to bring along?  Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day wines – all under $20, widely available, and sure to please a crowd!

Perfect Thanksgiving Wines Under $20

More Perfect Thanksgiving Wines

What wine will you be sharing this Thanksgiving?

Posted on November 24, 2013 and filed under Under $20.