Mother's Day Brunch with Gruet Blanc de Noirs

Mother’s Day is a time to treat Mom to a few of her favorite things. For my Mom, these include sun, roses, and sparkling wine. Our backyard provided the first two while the third was from New Mexico.

That's right - bubbly from New Mexico!

The winery is called Gruet and they make some outstanding sparkling wine. We recently enjoyed some Gruet Demi-sec with my parents and also mentioned Gruet in a recent post about some of the many great reasons to open a bottle of bubbly.

Today’s sparkling wine was Gruet’s Blanc de Noirs. It’s made entirely from red grapes and is distinguished by a reddish tint. It is a creamier sparkling wine with wonderful berry flavors that paired perfectly with our meal. Our Sunday brunch consisted of a hash brown casserole, scones, and berries.

Jeff's Mom & Dad enjoying Mom's Day brunch

You can find Gruet Blanc de Noirs at Bevmo, Specs, and Total Wine.

Posted on May 12, 2013 and filed under Under $20.