Domaine Girault Sancerre – “Le Grand Moulin”

Sauvignon Blanc is probably my favorite white wine varietal, especially this time of year.  These wines are medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing, with a flavor profile that ranges from grassy and mineral to citrus and tropical. When I find a really good one, it seems to quickly disappear. 

If you regularly read our blog, you know we like to hit up local wine bars to discover new wines.  Earlier this year we attended a wine and cheese pairing class at Village Vino.  While we did manage to learn a few things about pairings, one of the more rewarding moments was discovering the Domaine Girault Sancerre – “Le Grand Moulin”. 

This wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, and simply delicious.  It is very light and crisp, with flavors of lime and minerality.  In our class, they paired it with Bucheron (soft goat cheese).  We enjoyed our bottle with chicken and roasted vegetables.  It would pair well with any soft cheese, flavorful salad, and even sushi. But, it really needs no food at all.  Just a nice spot on the patio, and one big glass! 

Look for it in your specialty wine shops.  If in San Diego, try 3rd Corner, or Village Vino.  

Posted on May 31, 2013 and filed under Wine Discoveries.