Easy Does It on the Sweet Stuff

Sally and I like a good dessert wine from time to time.

It can go well when paired with the perfect dessert, like this port with chocolate bread pudding combination. Other times, it’s perfect on its own.

Dessert wine has two characteristics that distinguish it from other wines. First, dessert wine tends to be sweeter. Check out this great overview on five types of dessert wine from Wine Folly.

The second characteristic of dessert wine is it typically has a higher alcohol content. According to U.S. law, dessert wine must have between 14 and 24 percent alcohol.


The extra sugar and higher alcohol content means dessert wine should be consumed in much smaller amounts than regular wine. It’s often served in smaller dessert wine glasses for this reason. 

Be careful - drinking dessert wine in larger volumes can lead to a rough morning and plenty of regret. That’s not a fun way to share a bottle.


There is an extra benefit to opening a bottle of dessert wine.

You can keep an open bottle of dessert wine for much longer than you would a regular wine. We typically keep a bottle of dessert wine for up to two weeks after opening it and don’t notice a significant degradation in flavor.

The next time you open a bottle of dessert wine, go ahead and sip it. There’s no rush since you know it will keep for awhile!

Posted on July 17, 2014 .